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Weck Jars sizes and uses

Weck jars sizes and uses
Name Lid  Height   Shape / Design  Max Capacity  Freeze Safe?  Baking / Microwave Pressure Canning Water Bath or Candles Fermenting Embossed Logo
80ml mini mold Small 55 mm Round tapered 80ml
140ml mini mold Small 69mm Round tapered 140ml
160ml mini mold Small 80mm Round tapered 160ml
165ml mold Med 47mm Round tapered 165ml
290ml mold  Med 87mm Round tapered 290ml
370ml mold Large 69mm Round tapered 370ml
580ml Mold Large 107mm Round tapered 580ml
850ml Mold Large 147mm Round tapered 850ml
340mlCylinder Small 130mm Round Straight 340ml
500ml Cylinder Small 210mm Round Straight 500ml
1040ml Cylinder Large 210mm Round Straight 1040ml
1590ml Cylinder Large 210mm Round Straight 1590ml
220ml Mini Tulip Small 80mm Tulp 220ml
580ml Tulip Large 85mm Tulip 580ml