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Jam Pan Stainless Steel 9 Litre

Jam Pan Stainless Steel 9 Litre
Jam Pan Stainless Steel 9 Litre

Large stainless steel jam pan: ideal for making jams and sauces.  The stainless steel allows the heat to spread very quickly to the food cooking.

It is worth buying a special pot for jam making if you regularly preserving.

If you are using a normal saucepan the problem you will get is the jam spitting out over everything when it gets hot.  This can be painful and dangerous.  You cannot use a lid to prevent the problem, as the lids traps the moisture and stops or slows the jam reducing down.

If you are using a deep pot with tall sides to avoid the jam spitting this then slows down the process of the jam reducing down.  It also can make it difficult to test the temperature of your jam using a thermometer as most are too short to use in a tall pot. Potentially this can lead to getting scalded trying to test the temperature of the jam.

Preserving jam pans avoid this as they are the correct height to avoid most splatters.  The thermometers are designed to go into the pan, so are the correct length and also most clip into the sides so making reading the temperature easier. The pan is also tapered to let the steam rise and allowing the jam to reduce down.

Stainless steel is the preferred option because it is non reactive and can be used on all types of stoves, including induction cooktops.

This jam pan is 38cm in diameter and holds up to 9 litres so you can do some serious jam making with it.

It can also be used for other purposes such as cooking soups and casseroles.

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