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Daisy Lid Blue suits Ball Mason Regular Mouth Jar
New -50 %
Brand: imported
Daisy cut lids, are an attractive lid with a daisy shaped cut out in the lid. Attractive for decoration or to allow the scent of pot pourri to waft through your rooms.  Use on regular mouth quart jars as an alternative to a vase or put the lid on our Ball Mason mugs as an attractive drink serving..
$0.28 $0.55
Ex Tax:$0.25
Drinking Straw Cleaner Brush
-50 %
Brand: general
Ideal brushes for cleaning drinking straws such as the stainless steel straw.  The shaft is flexible enough to clean right into the bend of the straw. Approximately 18cm long with 4mm diameter nylon brushes on twisted steel wire shaft...
$1.65 $3.30
Ex Tax:$1.50
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