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Regular Mouth Single Jars

Regular Mouth Single Jars

Ball Regular Mouth jars are available in 4 styles: Quarts, Smooth Quarts, Pints and Half Pints.  

All quilted jars in a separate category also take regular mouth lids.
The regular mouth denotes the size of the mouth opening: the lid is a 70mm continuous thread size.  These jars are compatible with daisy lids, our single one piece silver lids and all other accessories designed for regular mouth jars.  

The regular mouth pint is a popular choice for preserving, having a capacity similar to that of a standard can of food.  The jars are also popular for drinking and smoothies.

Regular mouth jars of pint size and larger have rounded shoulders and so are unsuitable for freezing.

All regular mouth jars have embossing on all parts of the jar and there is no room on the side of the jar for a label.

Standard jars are clear glass with the only coloured jar currently available being the blue heritage jar in regular mouth pint size.  A green version is to be released in 2014.

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1 x Pint (440ml) Heritage GREEN Ball Mason Regular Mouth Jar and Lid. BPA Free.

Ball Regular Mouth Pint (440ml) Green Glass Preserving Jar  Capacity: Pint = 16oz = 440ml 2013..


1 x Ball Mason Half Pint Regular Mouth Canning Jar and Lid BPA FREE

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1 x Heritage Blue Pint Ball Mason Jar and Lid Limited Edition

2013 - 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of a series of jars designed by Ball brothers, each jar inte..


1 x Pint (440ml) Regular Mouth Ball Mason Jar and Lid BPA Free.

Ball Regular Mouth Pint (440ml) Glass Preserving Jar  Capacity: Pint = 16oz = 440ml Size: 13..


1 x Quart (1 Litre) Regular Mouth Ball Mason Jar and Lid BPA FREE

Ball Regular Mouth Quart Glass Preserving Jar Single Capacity: Quart = 32oz = 950ml Size: 17..


Redneck Ball Mason Wine Glass Jar in Blue.

Ball Mason Wine Jar Complete with Straw Lid! These "Game of thrones" Redneck ..