6 x 850ml Rex Tapered Jar

The Rex 850ml is an extremely versatile jar and rightly one of our biggest sellers.

Use it to preserve just about anything, even whole fruits, use as a baking container or to stew casseroles, pickle asparagus, plant herbs or fill it with candles, pens, kitchen implements or use as a cookie jar.  The 850ml size is the ideal size for making steamed or baked puddings (they are the closest in size and shape to the discontinued Fowlers pudding jars)

Suitable for all dishwashers, freezers, ovens or microwaves.

Comes in a chic six-pack carton including lid, sealing ring and clamps.

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6 x 850ml Rex Tapered Jar (R06850)

  • $49.50

  • Ex Tax: $45.00

  • 5 or more $39.55
  • 10 or more $35.16
  • 25 or more $30.76

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