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Brand: rex-jars-austria Model: 1 litre fermenting
Preserve your food the natural way with the Weck Fermenting Jar.  Fermenting food is the oldest form of preserving with the technique being in use for over 4000 years.Yes you can make Pickles, Kimchi and Sauerkraut, and that is just the start. Ferment all your veggies and fruits into delici..
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1 x 1,550ml (1.5 litre) Weck Rex Tapered Jar Complete - Single
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Brand: rex-jars-austria Model: R01890
The 1.5l jar is an imposing Rex. There are things that simply need a large capacity work-horse. Here you can store most bulky items: asparagus, cucumbers, carrots, leeks, as well as wooden spoons or Asian cutlery. For dry storage its length makes it ideal for pastas like spaghetti and fettucine. ..
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Brand: rex-jars-austria Model: R01220
The Rex mini tulip jar with soft curves and enticing shape makes every dessert really yummy! Sufficiently large to accommodate most sweet delights, the jar is a charming way to showcase all sorts of creams, puddings or yoghurts. Perfect also for gifts, candles and picnics.  Absolutely fre..
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Brand: rex-jars-austria Model: R01290
The Rex 290ml Multi Faceted Jar has 12 panels. Pickles can be elegantly presented, whilst jams and conserves are enhanced by the light shining through the multiple panels. All Rex jars are absolutely free of plasticizers and heavy metals. Heat resistant and reusable. Suitable for all dishwashers..
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Brand: rex-jars-austria Model: R01370
 The 370ml Rex jar is a universally useful jar. From compote to paperclips - it can practically be used to store anything!Whether it's for canning, preparing or storing the 370ml always looks stylish, can be stacked with any other jars with large size lids and be thought of as a real ja..
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Brand: rex-jars-austria Model: R01850
The Rex 850ml is an extremely versatile jar. Use it to preserve just about anything, even whole fruits, use as a baking container or to stew casseroles, pickle asparagus, plant herbs or fill it with candles, pens, kitchen implements or use as a cookie jar.Suitable for all dishwashers, f..
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Brand: rex-jars-austria Model: R01880
Previously, the Rex 1-litre jar was the classic par excellence. Now it is an extremely useful jar for contemporary stockpiling - dry goods from aniseed to cinnamon or cooked fruit, all kinds of garden vegetables either fresh or preserved, meats, broths and more. Compote or muesli flakes, gummy bear..
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Brand: rex-jars-austria Model: RTO339-10
Packet of size 48mm Twist Top Lids with attractive fruit pattern on top: perfect for market stalls, gift giving or just to differentiate your jars in the pantry. Ideal for jam or honey.  Can we used in a water bath canner for temperatures up to 98 degree C...
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Brand: rex-jars-austria Model: RTO461-10
58mm high heat deep twist top lid. Replacement lids for MyRex preserving jars in particular. High heat makes them suitable for waterbath and pressure canner. Currently available in silver. BPA Free.  Made in Europe. Note that a deep twist top lid differs from a standard 58mm twist top lid. ..
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Brand: rex-jars-austria Model: 006115
Showcase your jams, pickles and chutneys in these attractive 8 sided jars. Perfect for summer and Christmas giving, complete with a decorative fruit pattern lid. Supplied in packs of 6 only. Lids are 53mm twist top style.  BPA Free. Quality jars and lids made in Austria...
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Brand: rex-jars-austria Model: 240002
These small jars are simply adorable. The perfect jar for aromatic essences or gourmet jams. The cute myRex jar is particularly appealing for storing spices, concentrates or any sort of treasures.The deep-twist-off closure looks classy and is extremely functional and practical. The triple c..
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Brand: rex-jars-austria Model: 240005
Elegant, chic, compact. The glass jar for little things. As high as it is wide you can do a lot with this all-rounder. From gourmet jam to chocolate to wedding treats, it all looks fantastic in this jar!The deep-twist-off closure looks classy and is extremely functional and practical. T..
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