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23 quart Pressure Canner / Cooker Presto Induction, Gas, And Electric Compatible 23 quart Pressure Canner / Cooker Presto Induction, Gas, And Electric Compatible
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Brand: presto SKU: Presto 23qt Pressure Canner
Presto 23 quart canner complete with gauge, 3 piece regulator, rack and instruction booklet.  Free shipping for the canner only.Ozfarmer Australia is now the EXCLUSIVE Australian distributor for the new Presto 23 quart Pressure Canner 01784, a new improved model with induction compatible st..
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Brand: presto
Presto pressure canner gaugeThe Presto pressure canner steam gauge registers pressure readings during canning and cooking. Simple to install! ..
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Brand: presto SKU: 85707
These racks have a 11" diameter and so suit our Presto 23 quart pressure canners.Extra racks are useful if you are canning small jars which can be stacked more than 2 high in the canner...
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Presto Pressure Canner Regulator New 3 Piece Model.
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Brand: presto SKU: 50332
This Presto Pressure Regulator is the 3 piece weight set needed to convert a Presto 16 or 23 quart pressure canner from a gauged to a weighted canner.   It consists of a 3 piece weight set of 5-10-15 pound weights. 2 parts are rings that slip on to the 3rd stemmed piece which sits on the steam valve..
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Brand: presto
Dropped or broke the handles on your Presto canner?  Not a problem.  These parts are for the standard model 017810Cover handle part 85801 Body handle part 85709 To check the model of your canner, it can be found in one of 3 places: On a tag on your cover; On the bottom of yo..
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Brand: presto SKU: 09985
The sealing ring fits around the inside rim of the cover and forms a pressure-tight seal between the cover and the body of the pressure canner during canning and cooking. When installing a sealing ring work it into the cover in four small sections for example top bottom left and right. Work it into ..
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