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Model: Presto 23qt Pressure Canner Brand: presto
Presto® 23-Qt. Pressure Canner Note: picture shows the standard 15psi regulator but the our custom option replaces this regulator with the superior 3 piece regulator. Imported directly from the Presto factory and custom made for our company we proudly present the Presto Pressure Canner & Cooker. In the USA bottling is called canning and this unit is a common household item there. It can be used to bottle fruit on the stove top and is considered to be the only safe way to bottle non-acidic foods such as vegetables as well as meat fish soups and sauces. A must-have for canning veget..
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Model: 85772 Brand: presto
Presto pressure canner gauge The Presto pressure canner steam gauge registers pressure readings during canning and cooking. Simple to install!  ..
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Model: 85707 Brand: presto
These racks have a 11" diameter and so suit our Presto 23 quart pressure canners. Extra racks are useful if you are canning small jars which can be stacked more than 2 high in the canner...
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Model: 50332 Brand: presto
This Presto Pressure Regulator is the 3 piece weight set needed to convert a Presto 16 or 23 quart pressure canner from a gauged to a weighted canner.   It consists of a 3 piece weight set of 5-10-15 pound weights. 2 parts are rings that slip on to the 3rd stemmed piece which sits on the steam valve. As many canning recipes call for the pressure to be held at 11psi (the standard regulator supplied with the unit is 15psi) you need to monitor the pressure dial to make sure the pressure does not diverge too much from this pressure.   By removing one of the weights from the regulator you have a ..
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Model: Presto handles Brand: presto
Dropped or broke the handles on your Presto canner?  Not a problem.  These parts are for the standard model 017810 Cover handle part 85801 Body handle part 85709 To check the model of your canner, it can be found in one of 3 places: On a tag on your cover; On the bottom of your appliance; On the body under one of the handles..
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Model: 09985 Brand: presto
The sealing ring fits around the inside rim of the cover and forms a pressure-tight seal between the cover and the body of the pressure canner during canning and cooking. When installing a sealing ring work it into the cover in four small sections for example top bottom left and right. Work it into the groove a small section at a time until it is fully in place. Place the cover on the cooker body. Put one hand on the top center of the cover and push down firmly. Open and close the cover several times. Includes 1 x replacement sealing ring...
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