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Presto Pressure Canner Regulator New 3 Piece Model.

Presto Pressure Canner Regulator New 3 Piece Model.
Presto Pressure Canner Regulator New 3 Piece Model.

This Presto Pressure Regulator is the 3 piece weight set needed to convert a Presto 16 or 23 quart pressure canner from a gauged to a weighted canner.   It consists of a 3 piece weight set of 5-10-15 pound weights. 2 parts are rings that slip on to the 3rd stemmed piece which sits on the steam valve.

As many canning recipes call for the pressure to be held at 11psi (the standard regulator supplied with the unit is 15psi) you need to monitor the pressure dial to make sure the pressure does not diverge too much from this pressure.   By removing one of the weights from the regulator you have a 10psi weight which then keeps the canner at a regular pressure throughout the process without the need for constant monitoring.   It is an excellent product for those who do alot of pressure canning. Part Number 50332 

Prestos are not designed to be used as sterilizers. Using them in this manner will void the warranty 

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