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Ozi Complete Fermenting Kombucca Pickling Kit - Perfect Starter Kit

Ozi Complete Fermenting Kombucca Pickling Kit - Perfect Starter Kit
Ozi Complete Fermenting Kombucca Pickling Kit - Perfect Starter Kit

The Great Ozi Fermenting Kit!

Fermenting food is one of the oldest and easiest form of food preservation.  Not only that, it is extremely healthy!

Our Ozi Fermenting Kit includes the equipment you need to start fermenting!

Kit includes:

  • Pickling salts: one bag of 250g of pure salt and one bag of 100g of calcium chloride (can be used in place of salt at a 1% dilution rate or add to salt brine to keep vegetables crisp)
  • 1 x 850ml Tapered Weck Jar with Fermenting lid, seal, clips and dunking weight
  • 1 x 850ml Tapered Weck Jar with Snap on Plastic Cap

The jars are high quality German made glass.  They are certified free of lead, cadmium and mercury.  The seals are made of natural rubber.  The storage lids are BPA free.

Introductory fermenting book. Either Fermenting for Dummies or The Complete Idiots Guide to Fermenting, depending on stocks.
 *Book received may differ from book pictured

Kit comes complete in an attractive box, making it suitable for gifting.  An ideal gift idea!

If you require information about fermenting we have a number of books available for purchase which assist you with methods and recipes.

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