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Jam Pan Copper 3.5 Litre

Jam Pan Copper 3.5 Litre
Jam Pan Copper 3.5 Litre

Small copper jam pan: ideal for making jams.  Beautiful old fashioned style pot: make jams the traditional way!

It is worth buying a special pot for jam making if you regularly preserving.

Why copper for jams?

 Heat distribution

For cooking different sugars, temperatures must remain low. You don’t want to spoil the fruit aroma and it is therefore necessary to avoid caramelizing the fructose, which starts happening once the heat hits 110 ° C.! Copper transmits heat particularly well. It is even a champion of conductivity. It absorbs heat from the flame very quickly and distributes it evenly. You avoid hot spots and your cooking temperature is uniform.

The action of copper on pectin molecules.

When cooked, the fruits release the pectin molecules naturally present in the cell wall. Here again, copper has a significant advantage: it promotes the binding of these long molecules. Once linked together, the pectin molecules form a network, like a sort of three-dimensional net that invades the whole pot and "traps" the water and the aromas. With a little lemon the jams come out even better: you cook less and you have all the flavours and aromas of the fruit.

Why a jam pot for jams?

The flared shape to promote evaporation.

By losing water, the sugar level in the jam increases. If you want to avoid adding too much sugar and if you want to concentrate the flavors, you have to evaporate the water contained in the cells of the fruit.

Let your fruit macerate in sugar to get the water out of the cells.

Use a large jam pan to have a large evaporation surface during cooking.

This rapid evaporation capacity allows you to cook for a shorter time with less sugar, which affects the taste of the fruit less. Less water means less added sugar and more aromas.

Great jam every time!

With the evaporation of water and the concentration of sugar increasing, the boiling temperature exceeds 100 ° C. The higher the sugar concentration, the more your jam boils at high temperatures. Be careful not to exceed 110 ° C so as not to caramelize the fructose. Use a thermometer!

Note that you cannot use copper on an induction stovetop.

Heavy Duty Copper (2.5mm approx) with cast iron handles. 26cm diameter. Made in France

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