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100 x Avery Crystal Clear Rectangular Product Jar Labels
-30 %
Model: 980019 Brand: avery
Crystal Clear Rectangular Product Labels, L7113, 100/Pack, 96 x 50.8 mm Save money on product packaging and branding by creating your own professional-looking labels with Avery Crystal Clear labels. The glossy clear labels are 100% transparent so they blend into the background, making it appear as if your logo has been directly printed onto your products and packaging. You can design your labels using Avery Design & Print Online software, and print them using your own laser printer. The labels are also durable (water, oil and dirt resistant) so they are ideal for labelling food jars and..
$17.38 $24.95
Ex Tax:$15.80
6 x Heritage Blue Pint Ball Mason Jars and Lid Limited Edition 6 x Heritage Blue Pint Ball Mason Jars and Lid Limited Edition
-42 %
Model: HERITAGE BLUE JARS Brand: ball-mason
Features New Jar Design Ball Regular Pint in period correct blue: the colour is not painted on but in the glass so it is safe to use for preserving and storage purposes Jars come complete with 2 part lids consisting of lids and bands Regular mouth jars with US pint capacity of approximately 440ml Modern standards for quality and reliability Perfect for all of your home canning needs, or as a collector’s item Vintage Ball embossed logo (front) 100 Year Anniversary embossed on glass (back) Vintage style tray carton Compatible with daisy lids Dimensions Size: Widt..
$16.50 $28.55
Ex Tax:$15.00
90 x Textured White Arched Labels FREE POSTAGE (Australia Only)
-39 %
Model: 980003 Brand: avery
Textured White Arched Labels, L7118, 57.2 x 77 mm These textured arched labels combine a premium-quality label with the versatility of water-resistant material. The unique arched shape and print-to-the-edge capability allow you to create distinctive, professional-looking product labels. The labels stick to glass, plastic, metal and paper and the water-resistant material makes them perfect for branding products that are chilled or liquid. They're great for personalised labels on wine bottles, home-made sauces, branding shampoo at a beauty salon, or home-made chocolate treats! Get creati..
$11.00 $17.95
Ex Tax:$10.00
Sushezi Easy Home Made Sushi Healthy and Easy Sushezi Easy Home Made Sushi Healthy and Easy
-31 %
Model: D16 Brand: imported
With easy-to-follow instructions, Sushezi creates perfectly formed sushi quickly and reliably with no guesswork and no trial and error.   Using your own choice of imaginative fillings will make you a sushi expert and have your guests coming back for more.   The Sushezi unit can also be used to make biscuits, meat patties, sweet and savoury rolls, and more so it is also super versatile!   Also includes a cutting guide for perfect shapes every time.   Package contains Sushezi and instructions...
$27.50 $39.95
Ex Tax:$25.00
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