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Brand: imported Model: RTO033
Most twist top lids are only suitable for short processing times: these red and white lids are high heat and can be used in water up to 128 degrees. They also look very stylish on the jar...
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Brand: imported Model: FS08-88C x 84
French Square Dairy Bottles (also known as French Squares) are a space saving and elegant way to present and store a range of products.Traditionally used in dairies for storing milk, these jars can also be used to store dry foods, sauces, body lotions and more.The 8 oz size is also a very po..
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Brand: imported Model: 40ml jars x 90
Brand new 40ml jam jars. Perfect for samples or flavoured oils.  Jars are round shape. 43mm twist top lid.Lids need to be purchased separately.  Colour may vary...
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Brand: imported Model: 82632
Easily identify your different fruit creation with the range of fruit jam lids: this one depicts a peach on the lid, which sits on top of the standard Ball lid and under the band. Do not put the peach lid in place until after you have processed your jars in a water bath and the lids have sealed at w..
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Brand: imported Model: 70G Daisy
Daisy cut lids, are an attractive lid with a daisy shaped cut out in the lid.  These coloured lids come in a range of colours: mix and match from a range of colours. Currently available are black, white, red, green and yellow.Attractive for decoration or to allow the scent of pot pourri to ..
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Brand: imported Model: AC1168-CA
Protect the nuances of your crafted brew in our Handled Amber Glass Beer Bottles. The amber colour prevents light from degrading your product so these growlers are also perfect for storing and serving kombucha and other fermented drinks. These 1/2 Gallon (64 oz) growlers take 38mm screw caps MADE ..
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Brand: imported Model: 9781848992276
Brew it Yourself - Make Your Own Beer, Wine, Cider and Other ConcoctionsThe Two Thirsty Gardeners show that brewing your own delicious alcoholic drinks can be surprisingly quick, easy and inexpensive. Taking their two great loves alcohol and gardening Richard Hood and Nick Moyle will provide you w..
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Cast Iron Meat Mincer Mill Grinder No 8
Out Of Stock
Brand: imported Model: 2428
Meat Mincer / Mill /Grinder no 8Mince up your own meat for delicious home made rissoles, sausages and pies.For a change make minced meat jerky which is easy and delicious!No 8 Cast Iron Tin dipped construction.  Set includes 2 plate cutters (5mm and 8mm) and 3 sausage stuffing attachments Ea..
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Brand: imported Model: 82616
Impress your friends with this cocktail shaker lid which fits any mason regular mouth jar!Turn up to a picnic or party with your own prepared cocktails ready to shake and serve!Recommended size jar is the regular mouth quart but it can also be used on a smaller half pint or pint jar for indi..
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Brand: imported Model: 82634
Never lose your coffee spoon again! This attachment clips onto a standard wide-mouth Mason jar meaning the spoon is right there in position whenever you need it. Fits wide mouth jars Recommended jar size: 16 oz (pint, pictured) but can also use with pint and a half and quart jars BPA..
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Brand: imported Model: 20S
Commercial Standard Stainless Steel Potato Processing Knife / Paring knifeThese potato trimming knives serve to both peel and remove defects from potatoes after peeling.  They come sharpened for right hand use and have a stainless steel blade.2.5 inches long (6.4cm) x 1/2 inch wideThese Food P..
Ex Tax:$8.14
Brand: imported Model: Box 70G pewter daisy
Daisy Lid Pewter Bulk Case of 950 lidsDaisy cut lids, are an attractive lid with a daisy shaped cut out in the lid.Attractive for decoration or to allow the scent of pot pourri to waft through your rooms.  Use on regular mouth quart jars as an alternative to a vase or put the lid o..
Ex Tax:$304.55
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