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Glass Drinking Straw 9mm Straight

Glass Drinking Straw 9mm Straight
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If you love slurping on a fresh juice or smoothie, you will be in raptures to find these new eco friendly glass straws, now in a range of colours.

Made of a glass called borosilicate (what pyrex dishes are made of), these straws are tough and heat friendly.  You could even use one to slurp your morning coffee (although your tongue might not be so thrilled at that prospect). Choose from a range of colours in both the straight and bent version.  

Ditch the disposable straw and replace it with a reusable glass straw.  Chemical and plastic free, reusable and safe for children under adult supervision.  

These straws are 9mm wide and fit perfectly into our straw lids, but not the daisy lids.

Overall length 23cm.  These are fabulous teamed with the blue heritage jars or use with a wide mouth pint to serve smoothies, cocktails and milkshakes.

Jar and lid for illustrative purposes only and not included but can be purchased separately.

Available colours: 

  • Black (note that this is a transparent black/grey rather than a solid black as pictured)
  • Green
  • Clear
  • Blue
  • White
  • Purple
  • Amber
  • Pink
  • $4.95
  • 6 or more $2.95

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