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Brand: presto Model: 01784
Presto 23 quart canner complete with gauge, 3 piece regulator, rack and instruction booklet.  Free shipping for the canner only.Ballmason Australia is now the EXCLUSIVE Australian distributor for the new Presto 23 quart Pressure Canner 01784, a new improved model with induction compati..
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Brand: bormioli-rocco Model: 330-305
Packet of 6 Rubber gaskets / seals designed for use with all sizes of Bormioli Rocco Fido jars.  These seals will also fit other brands of jar including le Parfait.  For the 8 cm seals: The outer diameter is 80mm (3.1 inch) and the inside diameter is 60mm.  These seals s..
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Brand: all-american-usa Model: 2040
All American Pressure Canner 2040 Rubber Overpressure PlugAll American rubber overpressure plug: suits All American pressure canners.The overpressure plug should be replaced every two years at minimum and whenever it becomes hard or deformed.For maximum life on the plugs, the opening whe..
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Brand: ball-mason Model: Amber Package
This package contains our favourite amber jars and bottles and is ideal also for fermenting!  The jars and bottles are made of amber glass: it's not painted or tinted like many of the cheap Asian versions.  The best thing about amber glass is that it protects the jar contents from UV light..
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Brand: ball-mason Model: Blue Package
This package contains our favourite blue jars and bottles and is ready for summer!  The jars and bottles are made of blue glass: it's not painted or tinted like many of the cheap Asian versions. We have also included 12 blue daisy lids to suit the blue heritage jars: put a straw in them and th..
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Fresh Banana Storage Bag Store Your Bananas for longer
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Brand: d-line Model: 3644
Keep your bananas fresh for longer with these storage bags.When kept in the fridge it provides bananas with the exact amount of insulation and air needed to stop the flesh from over-ripening, while keeping the skin warm enough to stop it blackening.The fruit will keep for around a fortnight..
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Brand: general Model: 45583
Saccharomyces Cerevisiae –  Ideal for full bodied, full flavoured dry and sweet white wines. BV7 will both preserve and enhance the grape variety and terroir, promoting excellent flavour complexity, good wine structure and balance but especially FULL AROMATIC FLAVOUR.   BV7 produces a wide r..
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Brand: general Model: 45585
Saccharomyces Cerevisiae  –  The ‘only strain’ for Germanic aromatic white wines. AW4 is noted for developing powerfully fragrant, full spice aromatic wines and is a perfect match for Gewurztraminer and also recommended for Sauvignon and Semillon where the Oenologist requires a positive aromatic..
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Brand: general Model: 45587
Saccharomyces Cerevisiae  –  Acid reducing strain excellent for fruity white & blush country wines especially where residual sugars are desired.MA33 has the ability to metabolize between 30 and 35% of malic acid making this strain the perfect choice for country fruits which are naturally high in ..
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Brand: general Model: 45584
Saccharomyces Cerevisiae  –  Ideally suited for rich, full bodied red wines with exceptional flavour complexity.Noted for exceptional depth and flavour complexity, R56 exhibits complex aromatics during fermentation conferring an old world quality which one might only expect from natural flora mu..
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