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Spruce up gifts and your own Mason jar creations with this set of 20 multi-purpose, kitchen-themed tags featuring 5 each of four different, original designs. Use for:Gift Tags Table Place Settings Name Cards Wedding Favors Goody Bags Pantry Organization Personalized Mason Jar Gifting Sa..
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Ozfarmer Sauce Spices Better Than The Old  Fowlers Vacola Sausetta!
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Ozfarmer Sauce SpicesOver the years we have had many requests for Fowlers Vacola Sausetta which is no longer manufactured.Our solution is to blend together our own special set of herbs and spices to create a delicious mix in the style of Fowlers Vacola Sausetta: a delicious blend of spices to ad..
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Cheese Salt adds flavour and helps preserve cheese. It is non-iodised as iodine inhibits growth of the starter culture.Can also be used in pickles and does not contain anti caking agents. Note that the picture of the shaker is for illustration purposes and you are actually just buying salt...
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Pickling salt is non-iodised salt and does not contain anti caking agents so it helps give a clear brine for your pickles.Caking will occur but this is normal and the salt will dissolve in solution. This is pure salt with no additives such as iodine or anticaking agents.Available in 2..
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