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4 x Ball Collection Elite Blue Jars - Wide Mouth Pint.

4 x Ball Collection Elite Blue Jars - Wide Mouth Pint.
4 x Ball Collection Elite Blue Jars - Wide Mouth Pint.

By popular demand! Due to the overwhelming popularity of the heritage blue pints released in 2013, Ball has now expanded its product line to include blue jars in a range of shapes and sizes.

The wide mouth pints are approximately 475ml and are a popular size for jams, salsas and jellies. Flower posies also look fabulous in these blue coloured jars.

The jars come in a box of 4 with the standard Ball 2 piece lid and as the colour is in the glass and not painted on, the jars can be used for all your favourite preserving recipes.

120ml high, takes a wide mouth 86mm lid. Capacity 16oz is approximately 475ml.
The jars have the same embossing as the clear versions of the same jar.

Made in the USA. BPA free

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