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Quilted Jars Single

Quilted Jars Single

Ball quilted jars are a range of 3 different size jars with a elegant old world quilted pattern on them.  These jars were originally designed as jelly / jam jars but have gained popularity as drinking jars particularly for spirits such as whiskey.  They are also used for weddings for floral decorations or tea-light candles.

The quilting pattern covers most of the jar with the exception of a clear oval where a label can be affixed.  There is no wording or other embossing on the jars.

The quilted jars come complete with a decorative lid which are unfortunately unavailable for separate purchase.  All the quilted jars take regular mouth, 70mm continuous thread lids.  These include all colours of daisy lids, our BPA free one piece silver lids and any other regular mouth accessories.

Choose from 4oz, 8oz and 12oz sizes or buy all 3 sizes as a mix and match.


Brand: ball-mason
Ball Regular Mouth 4oz Quilted Glass Preserving Jar Single Capacity: 4oz = 120ml Size: 55mm high Mouth size: 70mm Regular Mouth Suggested uses: chutneys, jams, pickles, tealight candle holders, glass storage, baby food Suitable treatment methods: dry storage, vacuum seal, fermenting, water..
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