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Herb Preparation and Storage

Fresh herbs add flavour to any dish.  Our accessories help you keep your fresh and dried herbs in top condition and provide the tools to prepare them for use in your preserving and cooking.

Brand: general Model: Bouquet Garni Sacks
These reusable 100% natural unbleached cotton sacks come complete with a cotton drawstring for herbs, spices, teas and potpourri sachets.Set of 10 bags, 10 x 12 cm...
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Brand: d-line Model: 3401
Fresh herbs can really make the difference in a dish, but chopping them can be frustrating -- and messy! This ripper little item makes the job easy and cuts herbs in seconds flat.Store your fresh herbs in our fresh herb container and then take off an assortment of herbs as required, rinse, then sn..
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Brand: imported Model: 82603
Change your wide mouth mason jar into a fresh herb saver.  The container has a reservoir which holds water whilst the jar (not included) protects the herbs from the air.Fits wide mouth jars Recommended jar size: 16 oz (pint, pictured) but can also use with pint and a half and quart jar..
Ex Tax:$6.95
Brand: Le Parfait Model: LPFT1000
Le Parfait 1000ml Wiss jar with 2 piece lidAt Ozfarmer we have a lot of jars and so when we get excited about a jar, you know it's got to be special!  That's why we love the French made family of Le Parfait jars.  You have gone to all that effort of growing your own food, ..
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Brand: imported Model: 82642
Change your regular mouth mason jar into an all in one salt and pepper serving station! The central section holds the pepper separate from the salt, whilst the lid has separate sections allowing you to access one or the other through a sprinkler attachment held in place by the jar band.Fits r..
Ex Tax:$5.41
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