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Twist Top Lids

Twist Top Lids

Twist top lids can be used to recycle supermarket jars or to suit jars that have a twist lug closure and not a screw top lid.

Generally twist top lids are not rated for high heat and so are only suitable for short processing times in a water bath (note that we do stock some high heat lids which can be processed longer and also in a pressure canner).

To check the correct size for your jar measure the diameter of the lid from the inside of the lugs on the bottom.  Note that some places call the 82mm lid 83mm and this is the same size.

Packet of size 83mm Twist Top Lids.   Available in packs of 10, 25 and 50.Recycle your supermarket-bought bottles and jars!Please note that colour of the lids may not match the stock on hand.  Most lids are black or gold.  You must specify if you require a particular colo..
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