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General Purpose Preserving Jars

Need a jar for jam or pickles?  These basic jars are for short term storage and functional purposes.  

They don’t have the same pizzazz as some of our other brands so languish as the poor cousins at the bottom of the jars category but they serve their purpose provided you are aware of their shortcomings.

Specifically these jars are generally not a heavy duty tempered glass jar like the specialty preserving jars are and this is reflected in the price.  They are not suitable for baking or freezing and should be used with caution for preserving purposes.  We usually recommend this style of jar for products that need a short water bath process such as jams and chutneys, or products like pickles that need no heat treatment at all.  In some circumstances they can be used for waterbath or pressure canner but you need to ensure that you upgrade to a high heat lid for these purposes and the produce should be used within 6 months.  

Note that such uses are not condoned by Ball Mason Australia Pty Ltd: we recommend using tested recipes in specialty tempered jars particularly for low acid foods that need to be treated in a pressure canner.

C'mon  Ozi C'mom! Get a quality Ozi Pint Jar! Embossed with an image of Australia and the words "Ozi Jar" these are sure to be a huge hit!  A unique gift for the overseas visitor or to show off to your mates! In the pubs in clubs around Australia you will soon be no longer asking..
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Brand: imported
Brand new 40ml jam jars. Perfect for samples or flavoured oils.  Jars are round shape. 43mm twist top lid. Lids need to be purchased separately.  Colour may vary...
Ex Tax:$53.59
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