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Elite Jars

The Elite collection are a special line of Ball jars available in clear and blue glass.

The clear jars are a squarish shape and come with a decorative silver lid and band.

The jars come in packs of 4 or boxes of 16, in a half pint and pint size, and are not available as singles.

The blue jars are a blue glass version of the regular mouth half pint, wide mouth pint and wide mouth quart.  They also compliment the regular mouth heritage collection coloured jars.

Elite jars are particularly popular with candle makers and can also be used for gourmet jams and condiments.

Brand: ball-mason
4 x Ball Collection Elite Blue Jars - Regular Mouth Half Pint / 8oz. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the heritage blue pints released in 2013, Ball has now expanded its product line to include blue jars in a range of shapes and sizes. The regular mouth half pints are approximately 240ml and..
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