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4 x Berry Fruits Jam Lids

4 x Berry Fruits Jam Lids
4 x Berry Fruits Jam Lids
4 x Berry Fruits Jam Lids
4 x Berry Fruits Jam Lids
4 x Berry Fruits Jam Lids

Easily identify your different fruit creation with the range of fruit jam lids: this one depicts berries on the lid, which sits on top of the standard Ball lid and under the band. Do not put the berry lid in place until after you have processed your jars in a water bath and the lids have sealed at which time you can remove the band, insert the lid and then reattach the band.

  • Fits regular mouth jars
  • Recommended jar size: use with quilted jars and any other regular mouth jar
  • BPA Free
  • Food Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Jar and contents not included

You need a mason jar with a 2 piece lid and band.
There are 5 different fruit options: collect them all to add colour and variety to your pantry!

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