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60 x Ball Mason Dissolvable Labels Suit All Types Of Canning Preserving Jars
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Brand: ball-mason Model: Dissolvable Labels
NEW! Remove labels with ease! Ball Brand Dissolvable Labels are made to adhere securely on jars during storage and use, and then dissolve easily away in water during cleanup.Labels strongly adhere to jars, are easy to write on and dissolve by hand washing or dishwasher when you're ready to reuse..
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6x Pint (440ml) Regular Mouth Jars Lids
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Brand: ball-mason Model: 6 x RM pints
Ball Regular Mouth Pint (475ml) Glass Preserving Jars Case of 6 Capacity: Pint = 16oz = 475mlSize: 130mm high Mouth size: 70mm Regular Mouth Case size: 6Suggested uses: food preserving, drinking jar, floral arrangements, glass storage, jams, pickles, chutneys, candle making and light holders..
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Brand: ball-mason Model: Amber Package
This package contains our favourite amber jars and bottles and is ideal also for fermenting!  The jars and bottles are made of amber glass: it's not painted or tinted like many of the cheap Asian versions.  The best thing about amber glass is that it protects the jar contents from UV light..
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Ball Mason Blue Book Guide to Preserving 37th Edition
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Brand: ball-mason Model: Ball Blue Book New Edition
Known around the world as the food preserver's bible, the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving is the ultimate guide to fresh preserving. Each edition is filled with fresh solutions for today's busy lifestyles to help everyone enjoy good food at the peak of flavor.The Ball Blue Book Guide to Prese..
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Brand: ball-mason Model: Ball Mason Mini Handle Jar
These shakers are shaped like a little Ball jar but have the added advantage of a handle and a shaker on the top to use for salt and pepper.Use outdoors for picnics and barbeques, fill with your favourite spice mixtures (like in our herbs and spices kits), even take the lid off and use them as s..
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Brand: ball-mason Model: ball-sip-straw
Ball jars make perfect drinking jars but some people don’t like the wide lip.These straw lids solve the problem! Consisting of a BPA free flat plastic disk with a large hole to fit most size straws, this can hold in place on any Ball regular mouth jar with the use of the metal band that comes stan..
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Brand: ball-mason Model: A128-08C
Large size loop jar / growler suitable for a range of liquids including beer, cider, kombucha, vinegar and more. Huge capacity jar with stylish carry loop makes the jar a feature in any kitchen or bar! These Gallon (128 oz) growlers take 38mm screw caps. Lid colour may vary according to availabili..
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Brand: ball-mason Model: D10-1
THIS LISTING IS FOR THE BASE UNIT ONLY.  WHILST THE PHOTO SHOWS TRAYS THESE ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS LISTING.  THE PHOTO IS FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY.As its name suggests, the Classic Everyday is an all-purpose food drier designed specifically for use every day – compact..
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Brand: ball-mason Model: 9780857832863
Fermented A Beginner's Guide to Making Your Own Sourdough, Yogurt, Sauerkraut, Kefir, Kimchi and More by Charlotte PikeIncorporate fermented foods into everyday eating with delicious recipes that are easily achievable at home. Chapters covering fruit and vegetables, milk, pulses, sourdough bakin..
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Brand: ball-mason Model: 9780241240663
Fermenting Foods Step by Step by Dorling KindersleyFermenting Food Step by Step shows you how to master the fermenting process with more than 80 step-by-step recipes - plus you'll learn about the history and processes of fermentation throughout.For thousands of years, cultures around the wor..
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Fermenting Lid BPA Free Tin Metal / Airlock Suits Wide Mouth Ball Mason Jars JAR NOT INCLUDED
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Brand: ball-mason Model: Ball Fermenting Lid Gold
Ball Mason Fermenting Lid that fits all wide mouth canning jars (not included).Now reap the benefits of preserving your food the natural way.  Yes you can make Pickles and Sauerkraut, and that is just the start. Lacto-Ferment all your veggies and fruits into delicious foods which are b..
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Brand: ball-mason Model: Ozi Handle jar
C'mon  Ozi C'mom! Get a quality Ozi Pint Jar! Embossed with an image of Australia and the words "Ozi Jar" these are sure to be a huge hit!A unique gift for the overseas visitor or to show off to your mates! In the pubs in clubs around Australia you will soon be no longer asking for a ..
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