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Weck and Rex Lids

58mm high heat deep twist top lid. Replacement lids for MyRex preserving jars in particular. High heat makes them suitable for waterbath and pressure canner. Currently available in silver. BPA Free.  Made in Europe. Note that a deep twist top lid differs from a standard 58mm twist top lid. Price is per lid.  ..
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Lid Keep Fresh Snap On Cap Extra Small (40mm) Suit Weck
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Weck Keep Fresh covers are BPA free and are suitable for storing opened jars of preserves in the fridge or when storing food in the freezer.  As the lids expand slightly, there is a lower chance of glass breakage when food expands as it freezes. The plastic covers also convert your jars into very handy storage containers.  Used to store herbs and spices, reorganise your pantry or carry juice in one of the stylish juice bottles.  The lids are made of flexible BPA free plastic an..
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