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6 x Ball Mason Kerr Half Pint Wide Mouth Jar and Lid

6 x Ball Mason Kerr Half Pint Wide Mouth Jar and Lid

Kerr Wide Mouth Half Pint Clear Glass Preserving Jars Half case of 6 jars

Capacity: Half pint = 8oz = 240ml

Size: 80mm high

Mouth size: 86mm Wide Mouth 

Case size: 6

Suggested uses:  chutneys, jams, pickles, small drinking glass, floral displays, candle making

Suitable treatment methods: dry storage, vacuum seal, fermenting, water bath, pressure can, freeze

Each jar comes complete with 2 part lid consisting of a flat disk incorporating a seal (the lid) and a twist on ring to hold the lid in place for processing (the band).

Lids are recommended for single use only if the jar is heat processed using a water bath or pressure canner.

Bands can be reused.

For preserving, we always recommend using a tested recipe such as those listed in the Ball Blue Book.

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