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1000ml Le Parfait Storage Jar with Orange Screwtop Lid

1000ml Le Parfait Storage Jar with Orange Screwtop Lid
1000ml Le Parfait Storage Jar with Orange Screwtop Lid

Built for bulk storage, Le Parfait Screw-Top Jars are a pantry workhorse. Their large size allows for safe storage of bulk cooking and baking staples, while the heavy-duty glass protects your ingredients and lets you clearly identify what’s inside. In three big sizes, the Screw-Top Jar allows you to do away with paper and plastic containers in your pantry.
Designed for both short- and long-term storage.
For preserves that are to be stored short term in the refrigerator or dry in the cupboard, the bright orange screw-top lid clearly identifies which of your canned goods have not been heat treated. Made from flexible yet sturdy plastic that emulates Le Parfait’s classic orange rings, these durable lids won’t rust or corrode, and they can be washed and reused as needed. They are also ideal for storing fermented food once the fermenting process if finished.
The Screw-Top Jar is also designed to work with the Familia Wiss two-part cap and lid, allowing you to safely heat treat family-sized portions in larger sizes.  These lids can be purchased separately or check our separate listings for the jars with the Familia Wiss lids.
The Screw-Top Jar’s large sizes are ideal for short-term refrigerated storage of family-sized soups or sauces, full pickles and vegetables, whole tomatoes and fruits, kimchi and sauerkraut, or for longer storage of dry items that don’t need refrigerating or canning, like pasta, rice or beans.

If you wish to use the jar for preserving, the 1,000ml jar takes a 100mm Familia 2 piece lid (gold lid in the option).

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