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1 x 795ml Quadro Jar WECK - 769 (769exw)

1 x 795ml Quadro Jar WECK - 769 (769exw)
1 x 795ml Quadro Jar WECK - 769 (769exw)

Another new product from Weck in 2020, the quadro line features the same heavy-duty glass as other Weck jars with the distinguishing feature that they have a square base and a round wide mouth for easy filling.

The 795ml jar is the largest in the series and can be used for water bath canning, pressure canning and baking.  The larger size and wide mouth make it perfect for preserving all types of fruit and vegetables.

Use the jars for storage or as an ornamental item.  

Jar is sold standard without accessories: for storage uses team the jar up with a keep fresh lid or wooden lid in large size.

Jar includes the glass lid, rubber seal and 2 stainless steel clamps. This is the option shown in the picture.


160mm high, 100mm lid (large), 795ml capacity

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  • Model: 769exw
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  • Dimensions: 11.00cm x 11.00cm x 16.50cm